Inanna at 9 AM


This was the weekend for PantheaCon, out in San Jose, CA.  A first-time attendee, I decided to dive in at the deep end, so submitted a workshop proposal, based on my Night Sky book, and – surprise to new-be me – it was accepted.

My workshop, “Re-enchanting the Night Sky: Planets, Stars and Spirit” was on 9 AM on the final day, and turned into sort of Dance of the Planets. Why act out the Chaldean order with apples and oranges when there are obliging and friendly pagans to take these celestial roles?

It felt like a lot of juicy info got covered, and those who came seemed engaged and attentive.  As lovely Ms. Literata Facebooked today:

Another great Pcon moment: Renna Shesso saying “I’ve said ‘vulva’ enough, now let’s move on to Mars.”

Glorious Inanna AKA Venus does have a way of waking people up.


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