Mysteries whispered by the trees


“Zeus had on oracular shrine at Dodona, first dedicated to Great Goddess Dione but later shared with Zeus.  Although not as famous as the oracle at Delphi, Dodona was the most ancient Grecian oracle site, in use since about 2000 BCE.  Its priestesses and priests lay on the ground among the trees and received prescient knowledge from the rustling of leaves overhead. Rather than announcing what would come, these oracles focused on right action – how best to respond to what the future brought – which is still the most useful type of prophetic information.” *

Although not at Dodona (at least not in this lifetime), I’ve done this, as  I’m sure many of us have, opening our consciousness to the sounds of nature, listening with the heart.  At Dodona, the particular trees were believed to be oaks (sacred to Zeus) or beeches.  For me, cottonwoods and their “cousins” among the poplars tend to be the talkers.

* from A Magical Tour of the Night Sky, Renna Shesso © 2011

Oracle of Zeus at Dodona - exact discription f...

Oracle of Zeus at Dodona – exact discription follows nearby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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